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The Grand Master

  • A Short Biography

    A Short Biography

    M.W. Bro. Fabio Venzi, Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, writer and essayst, was born in Rome in 1961.
    He graduated in Sociology at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
    He edited a series of studies on "Southern Italy" for “Edizioni d’Arte” in Rome (1998-2001).

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  • G.M.'s speeches

    Le Allocuzioni del G.M.

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  • G.M.'s E-mail


    G.M.’s email

    I inform you about my decision to make my personal email address available to the Brothers of the RGLI and all other elected Brothers, for those of them who will want to know and share the project of a traditional rooted Freemasonry, esoterically connoted, but projected into a new time.

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Saturday 7  december 2013

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the foundation  will be held  the Election and Installation of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Italy



Grand Master’s Welcome Message



“Dare to open the door,
in front of which everyone passes stealthily …”
Goethe, FAUST

In the project of this website I have been animated by the desire not to simply provide information about Freemasonry and the Grand Lodge of Italy, but to create an aesthetic suggestion through the joint use of images, music, words, colors, visions. It should not be a quick consultation of simple information, but an invitation to stop oneself, taking a break out of time, to look deeply.
Convinced that the true knowledge is intuitive and that in every person lies the ''Artist”, it has been used a complex and multiform language to stimulate not only and not so much the logical and rational part of the human brain, rather the creative sphere that science, with its cold language, identified with the right hemisphere, seat of intuition and creative faculty.

According to the wise and mystic men of all time, however, the seat of the true knowledge and the source of all creation is the heart.

Focus of this teaching is the attempt to "touch" the souls of those ones who will approach to this site. Those ones who will "respond", they somehow already know to belong to the place as "everything responds to itself."

M. W. Br. Fabio Venzi
G. M. of the R.G.L.I.


Roma - 14 Marzo 2015 – Loggia Quatuor Coronati n° 112

Sabato 14 Marzo alle ore 11,00 , presso i locali della Casa Massonica di Roma– Viale Parioli, 98  si terrà la riunione della Loggia Quatuor Coronati  n° 112 nel corso della quale – a cura...

BOLOGNA - 07 Marzo 2015 – Gran Loggia Regionale Emilia - Romagna

Sabato 07 Marzo alle ore 1100 , presso i locali dell’ Hotel NH BOLOGNA DE LA GARE  in Piazza XX SETTEMBRE , 2 – Bologna  si terrà la riunione della Gran Loggia Regionale Emilia - Romagna,...

BARI - 28 Febbraio 2015 – Capitolo Raimondo di Sangro n°

Sabato 28 Gennaio alle ore 10,30 , presso i locali della Casa Massonica di Bari –si terrà la riunione del Capitolo Raimondo di Sangro n°   per il rinnovo delle cariche. Presenzierà ai lavori...

Roma - 28 Febbraio 2015 – Loggia Santa Cecilia n° 180

Sabato 28 Febbraio alle ore 11,00 , presso i locali della Casa Massonica di Roma– Viale Parioli, 98  si terrà la riunione della Loggia di Ricerca Musicale Santa Cecilia n° 180 nel corso della...

AREZZO - 14 Febbraio 2015 – Gran Loggia Regionale di Toscana

Sabato 14 Febbraio alle ore 12,00 , presso i locali i locali della Casa Massonica di Arezzo – Via Borgunto , si terrà la riunione della Gran Loggia Regionale di Toscana , presenzierà ai lavori il Gran...